Three Fun Guys in Springfield, MO

Today I got lost in Springfield, Missouri while trying to get to Branson.  On the map it looked simple:  go south on the interstate.  Well, there was construction and after two misses that landed us on the same business street instead of the southbound interstate, I stopped at the nearest building, an Applebee’s Restaurant.

I was rescued by a trio of really nice guys.  Here’s a shoutout to The Guys: bartender Justin the Pro, the dark-haired cutie Kool Kat, and the blonde, blue-eyed kissin’ cutie.  Guys, I wish I could say your directions did the trick, but somehow I messed up again, third time was not the charm.  Fifth try, directions from a Sinclair station lady, finally got me to Branson.  I never had so much fun getting lost or laughed so hard at helpers.

Yo to Springfield, MO,  better signs, please, please.

Last words to the guys: leaving Branson Monday am to continue my Rt. 66 adventure,  moving on to Joplin and Oklahoma.  If the 65/60 interchange defeats me again, I’ll look for you at Appleby’s.  Thanks again from the Arizona blondie!

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