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Ok it’s techtime at the blog, Donna’s favorite.  Several people have said they cannot leave comments, so I think I have that fixed.  You hit the comment below the entry you want to comment on.  Once a person starts, you keep adding to it.  I have to approve them, we do have a number of crazies that have been on the site thus why no comments. So this will happen at the end of the day.   Here is the one I posted, you have to literally add a number to make the comment submit.

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  1. Kate Voldeng says:

    Donna, don’t forget to have the PoBoy at the Opryland Hotel. You will remember it the rest of your life! Wish I had know you were going to spend some time in Little Rock. My brother lived there for 40 years. I spent a lot of time there and could have recommended some great restaurants to you! Sounds like you did just fine on your own!!! Enjoying the blog. Wish there was more! Write girl!!!! Hugs. Kate

  2. Anna Ossler says:

    Hi, Donna. I’m doing the last minute “throw everything together and call it done” routine. We have heavy rain and wind with tornado warnings on the east coast. A friend drove my car to Philadelphia today where there are power outages, debris, etc. Mike and I shall leave my house around 9 to go to BWI. I like the image of you with sun roof open cruising neighborhoods…seems sooo appropriate for this trip. Love, Anna

  3. Mary Molina "Karhnie" says:

    Tried this yesterday to say gracias forge saludo, and even tamango The trouble to go by my house. This comment page told me I must have failed math,because I added 4and 8 and got 12? I wasn’t very good at math, but I didn’t fail it. I told you I’d be riding along with you, and intend to keep in being an a extra passenger. You’ve visited very interesting places, with the possibleexception of Northeastern Ohio. That’swhy weleft, right? Your descriptions are excellent, I feel like I’ m getting to know the Us I never knew!
    Saludos from Tucatan

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