Let’s help Japan together!

My heart and spirit ache for poor Japan.  The triple disaster of earthquake, tsunami and nuclear reactor shutdown March 11th  is unprecedented.  It will take a long time to find the missing and the dead, and rebuild.  I’m glad that all of our Japanese friends and colleagues report that they’re ok, even those in Sendai.

I want to help.  Here’s what I can do.

I am donating 50% of my online book sales to the Red Cross Japanese Disaster Relief Fund.  The current online price of my book, “THOUGHTS FROM JAPAN”,  is $20 in the USA, including shipping, which means that $10 of each sold book will benefit Japan’s disaster victims.  I will send my donation at the end of each month’s total online sales.

It’s easy to order from my web site!   Go to:  www.aroundtheglobepress.com/

Osewaninarimasu, which means “I am in your care.”  We always felt in the care of our Japanese friends.  Now it’s our turn.

Arigato, thank you!

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