Day 1 of a travelholic’s blog

Hello world!

Today I inaugurate my blog just as I tear off to my hometown airport in Tucson, Arizona–bound for Taiwan and India.

I’m a freelance journalist with over 30 years experience in newspapers and magazines.  My travel lust started with high school Latin and French and never stopped.  My first major travel experience was 18 months in Europe in 1972-73, doing the Europe-on-$5-a-day thing.  My travels have taken me to 46 of our American states, most of Europe, most of Asia, fair amount of Canada, and a medium-sized taste of Mexico.

India has been a dream for a long time.  Join me on my journey through this blog.

And see my web site: for info about me and my book: THOUGHTS FROM JAPAN:  life lessons from Tokyo’s fast lane and other Asian Places.  It’s a great travel memoir with over 100 color photos, even a glossary of Japanese places and terms.

Adios, cheerio, bye, ja matte, au revoir, yada yada!

Donna Copen McKinnis

2 Responses to “Day 1 of a travelholic’s blog”

  1. Debbie Lapham says:

    This is so great!! We get to follow you on your journey instead of having to wait to hear about it when you return home. I hope you are able to share some pictures!!

    Stay safe!


  2. Anna says:

    Dear Donna,
    Finally took a moment to scan your blog…I’ll return to it. You inspire me to write…unfortunately I don’t translate into action. Looking forward to a good read from you. Love, Anna

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